The Sixth Element products is a high tech product using the Quantum Physical Technology to increase engine power, lower engine temperature, enhance fuel economy and are environmentally friendly. For example : automotive application can reduce fuel consumption by 10% -15%, industrial tunnel kiln application can reduce gas consumption by 6%-10%, air conditioning applications in buildings and offices can lower the cooling temperature and save about 8%-10% in electricity costs.
High Tech Quantum Technology Products with Wide Ranging Applications
Our Products

Principles and functions

Sixth Element products support all automobiles, increased engine power, lower engine temperature, and increased fuel economy for gasoline vehicles, hybrid cars, diesel vehicles, motorcycles, trucks and buses. Efficiency of air-conditioner compressor is increase and thus lower electricity expenses.In industrial tunnel kiln application, it can reduce gas usage costs. In sound system application, it can improve electrical conductivity efficiency to improve the sound quality, dynamic audio and visual effects.
Value Added

     Lifetime product use.
     10 year warranty ( PowerBar and PowerChip series).
     Lower engine operating temperature to reduce engine wear and tear.
     Can be retained and transferred to a new car.
     Supports and optimizes all types of automobiles.
     Uses quantum physical technology to increase engine
       power, lower engine temperature, and improve working
     Lower fuel costs.
     Enhances Horsepower.
     Environmental protection and energy savings.
     DIY easy installation.
     Patented PowerBar, PowerChip, T1, and T5.
     K-Power and K1 Fuel Saving Catalyzer passed SGS      
       chemical non-toxic certification.
     PC, PB National Safety Certification.
     NT 50 million product liability insurance.
     Unique special package to protect products.
     Accelerates signal transmission.
     Increases the ignition signal.
     Improves air-conditioning.
     Improves the brake system.
     Optimizes turbocharger intake.
     Improves shock absorbing.
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