K-Power Magic Spray is designed to clean the engine room and can activate the electrical circuit. It improves the electrical conductivity, increases engine performance and enhances fuel economy. First, stop the engine and install the plastic tube onto the spray nozzle. Spray K-Power Magic Spray on the alternator, belt and battery terminals. Next, clean the components around the engine room. K-Power Magic Spray can also clean the switch contacts, windscreen wiper, head light cover, rubber and plastics products. Warning: This product has an insulation quality. Please do not spray on the fuse and relays.
K-Power Magic Spray

It is recommended that K-Power Magic Spray be sprayed in a small limited area first to test if any abnormal conditions
    happen, if nothing abnormal happens, you can then spray the other areas.
K-Power Magic Spray is a high pressure flammable gas. The engine temperature must be under 50 when spraying to
     avoid fires.
K-Power Magic Spray is an insulation material, thus do not spray it onto relays (relays stored inside the fuse box)
After 5 minutes of spraying, use a dry cloth to wipe the surface of the components.
Recommended dosage: Large cars: 3 bottles; Small cars: 2 bottles.
Made in Taiwan    
Storage period : 5 years
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Replaces the traditional engine washing method
Cleans and activates rubber / plastic components , metal rejuvenating spray
Returns original vehicle horsepower
Reduces the resistance of the circuit
Environmental friendly materials and has passed SGS chemical non-toxic
Using ultra-cold principles, cleans engine and forms a protective film
Prevents moisture intrusion or mechanical oxidation
Easily clean engine dirt and fine dust
Bottle capacity: 600 CC (high pressure gas, weight: 420g ± 5%)
Just need 5mins to clean and bring back horse power and torque of your car? Yes, after using SIXTH ELEMENT K-Power Magic Spray will feel the different.
K-Power Magic Spray
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